• New UC Kids lessons posted here every wednesday

    Click on Union Chapel Vancouver's youtube page for this weeks video lesson

    As we move through this season of creating new rhythms and disciplines within our homes UC Kids is hoping to provide you with some great resources. We will be posting a weekly  video lesson for you to watch together as a family or you can set your kids up on their own device to watch while you continue to watch the main service online.

  • 0-1 year olds

    This room is for the youngest members of our community. Half the space is equipped with rocking chairs, swings and toys for little babies. The other half is designed for our more mobile babies whose morning also includes snack. story time and sometimes some singing. 

  • 2-3 year olds

    The 2's and 3's classroom includes a lot of structured play where our toddler friends learn to share, take turns and make new friends. Their morning also includes structured Bible story time, prayer and singing, with related activities and a coloring page to take home. Follow the link below to see what we're learning about! 

  • 4-5 Year olds

    For our preschool friends, we have the 4's and 5's classroom equipped with fun toys, caring teachers and engaging activities. Their time each Sunday includes structured play, creative crafts, singing, a video about the Bible story for the week, discussion and prayer. Follow the link below to see what we're learning about! 

  • 6-7 Year olds

    For our lower elementary friends, we keep them engaged and give them opportunities to think deeply and engage with the weekly Bible Story through hands-on activities, games, coloring pages and crafts. They participate in a large group gathering with our 8-11 years class which includes worship songs, Bible teaching and discussion. Follow the link below to see what we're learning about!

  • 8-11 year olds

    Our upper elementary classroom is designed to cultivate deeper discussion and engagement with our weekly Bible story. Their time includes small group discussion, journal writing, prayer as well as games and various activities. They join in a large group gathering with the 6-7 years classroom that includes worship songs, Bible teaching, and discussion. Follow the link below to see what we're learning about!

  • Sunday's lesson

    Click links at the top of this page for this weeks UC Kids Worship at Home lesson.  


You will find a list below of some of our most important policies and procedures. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with your child's teacher or with our Children's Ministry Director, Marissa Hunsberger

First Aid, Incident Reports

Minor injuries can typically be treated with loving attention, a cool cloth or ice pack and a band-aid. We keep these items available in case they are needed. Regardless of the type of injury or accident, an Incident report will be completed for you to co-sign with a teacher when your child is picked up. If the injury is serious you will be notified immediately.

Safety and Health Procedures

We place a high priority on the safety of our children. When a child is checked in, a security tag is provided to whomever checked them in. Any one that comes to pick up a child must have the security tag for that child, or the child will not be allowed to leave the classroom.

Parent Notification System

Should we need to contact you during the service, we will use the contact number that is printed on your child's name tag. Please have your phone near you during the service. Our UC Kids Director or Host will text you if there is any issue. 

Volunteer Policy

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team! We want to provide a safe and secure environment for our children and families. Anyone interested in working with children at Union Chapel is required to follow this three-step process prior to volunteering.

Step #1 : Formal Application

Step #2: Criminal History Clearance

Step #3: Training (read materials and/or attend training)

Volunteer Interactions with Children

We ask our volunteers to live above reproach by observing the following guidelines:

Never find themselves alone with a child.

Be sure that they can always be seen by another adult.

Never use questionable language.

Only female volunteers may assist children in the bathroom.

Immediately report any incident to the Children's Ministry Director.

At Union Chapel we require visible classroom spaces. People should be able to see into the  kids programs at all times. This prevents misunderstanding and misconduct.

Sickness Policy

It is our desire to maintain the healthiest environment possible for every child. If a child has been experiencing ANY contagious symptoms within the past 48 hours (fever, vomiting, rashes, colored snot, etc) they will not be permitted to attend class (exceptions are made for teething babies or children with allergies). If NO symptoms have been displayed for 48 hours, children are welcome to attend.

Discipline Policy

We believe parents are the main disciplers of their children, which includes discipline. In order to create a consistent and safe environment for our kids we have a 3 strikes policy. If a child receives 2 warnings for the same behavior, on the 3rd occurrence the parent will be paged to remove the child for that day. If the same behavior is repeated weekly we may ask a parent to attend with their child until behavior is resolved. The only exception to this rule is for physical violence. In this case the parent will be immediately paged to remove their child for the day. We understand that at times there are difficult phases in life for a child. During those times we will do our best to support you and your child through the challenge while not compromising the positive classroom environment for the other children.

Younger Classroom Helpers

The older kids in our community can be a great help, add lots of energy, and also act as great role models for younger kids to follow. We allow older kids to start helping out in our younger classrooms starting at age 10. They will be allowed to work in fully staffed classrooms as additional help after they've been trained. 

Emergency Procedures

While we hope to never encounter an emergency situation, we must be prepared. In case of emergency, our procedure is to evacuate all children's classrooms to the nearest exit. Teachers and leaders will take all children safely to an appropriate area, determined by the Host/Security personnel. All of the children's classes will be sent to the same area. When the emergency is over, an authorized parent can meet their child safely in the designated area, or back in the appropriate classroom if the situation permits. It is very important that when a parent picks up their child, they have their check-in sticker they were given when they checked in.