the kiggins is turning 80!

That's right!  On Sunday April 24th the Kiggins Theatre will be celebrating their 80th birthday and they are going to throw a big party!  Instead of trying to have a service that morning we have decided to just join the party. So remember, no Sunday morning Service on April 24th!

We are in need of 14 volunteers to help with the festivities.  10 volunteers to help with setup from 9:30am-Noon.  And 4 volunteers to help with bartending from 5pm-7:30pm.

If you aren't available to volunteer we'd still love for you to come party with us.  The Kiggins is a big part of our community and want to support and celebrate with all that we've got.  Check out their event website to see more

You can sign up by sending an Email to Adam Hendrix, or by visiting the Welcome Table on Sunday.  

We will still gather for a free jump night at G6 Airpark from 5-7pm.  Plan on coming and buying a pizza for dinner and jumping to your hearts content!