Asking the right question

We live in a culture that is built on the principles of need and consumption

Because of this, churches often begin by asking, 

"What should we do?" 

But is this the most important question?  

Aren't we more than just an organization that dispenses religious goods and services? 

In listening to God, we realized he was asking us to start with a different question,

"Why are we here?"  

God was calling us to be a specific people in a specific community for a specific reason. 

These are the convictions that God led us to:



We have found that many Vancouverites have experienced Jesus through an anxiety-laden message that is more reflective of a cultural Christianity than it is of the gospel accounts of Jesus.  Many have not encountered a non-anxious faithful presence, but rather a guilt-laden, fearful, imposing presence.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus refuses to employ guilt, fear, or power to impose his way.  Instead he takes a posture of care, peace, and security.  We believe the kingdom will thrive and grow in our city as we seek to faithfully follow Jesus in this way. 

Our Mission

Our Mission can be described in three stories from the life of Christ.

  • To Bring our whole reality to the reality of Jesus.

    Grounding Story:  The Samaritan Woman at the Well (John 4:1-26)

    The story of the Samaritan woman runs parallel to many of our personal stories.  Her religious confusion and her personal baggage are evident in her interaction with Jesus.  In the face of these things Jesus remains untroubled.  As she brings her whole self to Jesus, he meets her there and offers his whole self in return.  As a church we want to encourage and create space for each person to bring their whole reality to the reality of Jesus and discover the same joy and security that this woman found.  

  • to learn from and love our neighbors

    Grounding Story:  The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

    When a religious leader asks Jesus "Who is my neighbor?", Jesus responds by telling a story where the heretic outsider is the compassionate hero, while the religious leaders remain cold-hearted and indifferent.  It's as if Jesus was asking, "Are you willing to learn a lesson in love from someone who doesn't share your beliefs?" Instead we want to take a posture in our local and global mission of learning and mutuality, believing that we have something to receive and something to give.  

  • To abide in Christ

    Grounding Story:  Jesus is accused of being a Samaritan (John 8:48)

    Jesus is seemingly untethered from everyone's expectations and agendas for him.  His friends, family - even his enemies - have an idea of what He should be about.   But Jesus doesn't seem to be bothered when he doesn't measure up to their expectations.  His security in the face of disapproval is found through abiding in the Father (John 15:9)  Likewise, we follow Christ by abiding with the Father, finding our identity and purpose in Him.  

Our story

Union Chapel started in August of 2016, but our history goes back much further than that.  We became Union Chapel when two churches on Main Street in Vancouver decided to become one church.  Calvary Downtown had nearly a 30 year history in Clark county, originally meeting as Calvary Chapel Vancouver in various locations throughout the years, recently locating to the 806 Main St location in 2012.  House of Providence was planted out of Imago Dei Community in 2009 and has been in various downtown locations, most recently meeting at the Kiggins Theatre. 

We live in a disjointed and broken world, so the idea of unity is truly counter-cultural.  It says something when two churches believe that they are better together, rather than apart.  Jesus longed for us to be one, with Him and with each other. We invite you to join us as we seek deeper union with Him, each other, and ultimately between heaven and earth.