Home Communities are places Union Chapel lives out Jesus' life with each other by pursuing, identifying, and loving each other sacrificially so that all flourish.  All of our home communities are open and meet on different nights of the week.  

We also encourage you to contact the group leader before visiting.  

  • Cascade Park: 1st & 3rd Monday @ 6:30pm

    Hosted by Mitch & Lisa Merwin

    Led by: Mitch and Lisa Merwin

    Directions to the Merwin Home


    For more information contact: Mitch Merwin

  • Camas: Wednesday @ 6:30pm

    Hosted by Doug & Christy Quinn

    Led by Brad & Mary Jensen

    Directions to the Quinn Home

    Potluck Dinner

    For more information contact: Mary Jensen

  • Downtown: 1st & 3rd Wednesday @ 6:30pm

    Hosted by Simeon & Alli Muller

    Led by Simeon & Alli Muller

    Directions to the Muller Home

    For more information contact: 360-991-2058

  • East Vancouver: 2nd & 4th Fridays @ 7pm

    hosted by Chris & Amanda LaPore

    Led by Chris & Amanda LaPore

    Directions to the LaPore Home

    For more information contact:  435-669-9639

  • Ridgefield: Sunday @ 6:00pm

    Hosted by Steve & Denise Corey

    Led by Steve & Denise Corey

    Directions to the Corey Home

    For more information contact: Steve Corey

  • FELIDA: 1st and 3rd wednesday @ 6:00pm

    hosted by adam & lauren liechty

    Led by Adam & Lauren Liechty Family

    Directions to the Liechty Home

  • The heights: 2nd & 4th tuesday @ 5:30PM

    HOSTED BY Jeremy & Leigh Wyenberg

    Led by Jeremy & Leigh Wyenberg

    For more information contact: Leigh Wyenberg